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Designing the overall spectrum of your work, developed by utilizing the maximum from PHP development services.

You dream big, we will make it happen.

There are 2 basic domain based PHP development services that Keriya INC can offer;

Simple web apps and sites :

Php is the basic type of coding language that can be efficiently utilized and made into full use for designing and running a simple website or webapp. Very basic website functionalities like CTA and forms can be exploited in the use and the end results are great.

Advanced domain specific solutions :

PHP can also be employed whilst integrating complex web applications to one another and making them work as one. PHP offers a wide range of functionalities and options when it comes to application integrations.

Our Expertise in PHP Development

Content Management System :

Based on your requirements, we can develop a dedicated content management solutions (CMS) for your website in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal based CMS platforms.

You can exploit the CMS on following terms ;
– Editorial Tools
– News Feeds Management
– Media Distribution
– Overall content management

E-commerce stores :

To drive conversion of business from your websites we develop the systems with utmost tools and platforms like Magento, uber cart and many more. You can expect following basic functionalities from the development;
– E-Procurement
– B2B and B2C transactions and market places
– Cart
– Payment gateway security

Social Networking :

A wide range of social networking solutions can be developed and served utilizing the PHP services. Following kinds of platforms are the ones we are experienced in;
– Online Collaboration
– Social tools
– E-comm and social selling
– Network integrations


Our team is capable of developing customer relationship management tools and solutions from scratch or integrate the currently available technologies to utilize them to the fullest. Following are the aspects we work upon ;
– Data analysis
– Incentive management
– Marketing Solutions
– Business intelligence

These are just the basic technologies that we curate using PHP, our experienced team of authentic developers is also capable of experimenting on whatever idea you have in the mind.

Technological Stacks :

Platforms :

– Linux
– Windows
– Unix
– Solaris

Servers :

– Apache
– Lightpad
– G-Wan

Frameworks :

– Laravel
– Symform
– Slim
– PHPixie