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Keriya INC develops from scratch and customizes applications on the most recognized global mobile platform – Android.

Full-stack android application development

We have outperformed the mobile development industry with an amazing team onboard and leveraging the most of android application development platform.

● Android Application Development :

We deliver android applications developed from scratch for your requirement. We have specialized team of mobile application developers who can suffice the end-to-end development of an application.

● Upgrading the Android Application :

We can also moderate the application that you already have for better usability and improvements in UI/UX if required.

● QA, Application Testing :

Our team is also capable of understanding the figures running through the usage of your application. We can perform quality assurance audits, test your application for error free launching.

● Analysis and Optimization :

Our team can also analyze the data from your android app to understand how users interact with your application and how we can optimize it for better performance.

● Support and Maintenance :

As per the companies policy we are bound to provide you with unbound support and maintenance of the technologies we have developed for you so that you face least issues while serving it to the business.

Development of Android Solutions for You

● Mobile E Commerce applications (M-Commerce apps) :

Our team has a proven record for developing mobile applications that act as a mobile shopping portal for their web based e-commerce platforms.

● Utility Business Applications :

We have also observed a huge demand for business software applications mainly under SAAS industry and the developers are trained to develop advanced applications for the same.

● Android Games Development :

We can also develop games and other interactive advance android mobile applications serving different visions.

Android Application Development Strategy

We have streamlined the process of developing the android applications for you in a planned and sorted manner to avoid any conflicts and maintain transparency while getting things done for you.

These are the steps we follow for the development;

1. Planning stage :

– Product understanding
– Defining Scope of work
– Deciding development milestones
– Presenting a complete development roadmap

2. Designing stage :

– User Experience
– User Interface
– Planning CTA according to business goals
– Wireframing and prototyping

3. Development stage :

– API development
– Coding and making it live
– Integration
– Database design

4. Security and Reliability :

– Encryption
– Data Backups system
– Assessment
– Security testing

5. Analytics :

– Gathering data
– Developing reports
– Reading and understanding the data
– Tracking and optimizing

6. Management :

– Submission
– Reading and reporting
– Feedback and support
– App store maintenance

Frameworks and Technologies :

– Android SDK
– Google developers SDK
– Titanium


– Android Pay API
– Remote Display API
– Game Manager API