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Keriya INC helps you optimize the websites content and graphics to result in maximum conversion.

Front end optimization is an important aspect of UX/UI design. Majority of the factors responsible for conversions in your business are directly associated with the users experience with your user interface.

Our team works on optimizing the following front end

1) Web applications

Most of the business need a web application or a website in order to reach the customers and incorporate business. Our team optimizes the content and graphics on your website in a way that the visitors feel rather intrigued to engage with you.

2) Mobile Applications

Just like web apps, many businesses also drive business totally from the mobile applications and hence we optimize the design and usability for the best conversion.

Expertise and Explorations in Frontend Development


It is very important that a website says and does the same thing, and to align them in line we do frontend optimizations.


How a user uses your web application determines the usability of your site. Hence, having a smooth and subtly usability is very important.


For how long does the user engages with your website is the uptime. The more time a user spends on your website more are his chances to convert as a customer.