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Keriya INC assists in backend development along custom backend layers, upgrades to present developments, moving the backend to cloud and maintaining the same.

Our Expertise and Explorations in Backend Development

Development from the scratch

our developers are expert in development of customized back end development for your web application whilst considering the maintenance and requirements associated to data management.

Backend Refactoring

We can rectify the already present backend sections and perform the integrations or upgradations by modifying the same without disturbing the code.

Migration to Cloud

We can also transfer the present code and backend infrastructure to the cloud without changing any functionality.

Basic functionalities

API Management

We can manage, maintain, upgrade and monetize the heavy APU integrations for you around the requirement.

Message Sync

Backend development has a major scope of compiling assets that cohere better user engagement one of which is messaging and its synchronization.


We can integrate the much needed 3rd party extensions, applications or whatever you wish here.

Data Storage

Data mining and maintenance of the data present on your web application are the very imp aspects of data security both of which can be utilized to perform better data storage activities.

Technological Stack


– .Net
– Python


– SQLite
– Oracle
– MS Sql


– Azure
– Heroku
– Google App Engine
– Rackspace